Demi Lovato LED Concert Earrings

Published March 9, 2012 by Sara

I am going through all my concert edition earrings and will be listing them as clearance. I have had one buyer contact me to see if I could change the bead color, which I can’t, these are already glued and set into these earrings.

These are made out of polymer clay, which I have heat transferred the image onto the polymer clay and have also inserted an LED, which you can turn these on when you’re at a concert! Talk about being the talk of the crowd!! 

My daughter and I wear these to any and all concerts we go to. (Not Demi, I make them for whomever we may be seeing, and people are just amazed at these and love them!)

You can find all my items on eBay : (linked to my eBay account)


2 comments on “Demi Lovato LED Concert Earrings

  • Thanks so much for the compliment! Maybe this year I will revisit the concert LED earrings, being as I have been purging old inventory, but advertising as I go along to see if maybe something may deserve a second chance. It’s not only Demi I do, I basically do any band or singer. 🙂

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