Published February 29, 2012 by Sara


  • I have two Loki posters, one Loki-Thor fighting posters, two different Avengers posters, one Captain America, and one Thor poster. They’re smaller than regular size posters (most of them are 20×13”, couple are 26×13”, and others are 21×14”).
  • The posters are all brand new. I ordered recently for the purpose of giving them away. 😉 And they’re all fabric posters.
  • REBLOGS ONLY! No limit in reblogging, but let’s not spam the dash.
  • I will randomly select seven people.
  • Make sure your ask box is open so I can notify you when you’re selected. Also if I don’t get a reply with which poster you want with your address in a couple days after I send you the message, I’ll choose someone else. I don’t want any delays.
  • Out of the seven people, whoever messages me back first will get to choose which poster they want. So if someone already chose a poster you wanted, I can’t do anything about that. Sorry.
  • I’ve never shipped posters before, so if you never get the poster, especially in the case of international shipping, or if the poster is damaged, I can’t take any responsibility for it. I’ll probably be just as disappointed and upset as you if something like that happens though.
  • I will select the winners on Saturday, March 3.
  • Just wanted to share my love for the Avengers and lovely Loki with you guys. ❤

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