Homemade Ice Cream Pt 2

Published February 20, 2012 by Sara

Tonight we tried Strawberry Cheesecake. Julia and I had both choose this. And it was GOOD! Almost made me wish I had this over shortcake biscuits. But we are done with experimenting for now. At least until the ones I have made are gone. I would very much like to try and make Frozen Pina Colada. I just had my kids try the soda, which I have never seen until a week ago. When we lived in Seattle. This was my Moms favorite soda, which I liked very much. Then this one gas station carried Pina Colada Icee’s and I was in heaven. But eventually they stopped carrying them. I also plan to look up more recipes and see what I can find, I’d like to have more fruity frozen yogurt types. Definitely will be alot healthier for my husband. Its scary to see just how much sugar goes into these recipes. One cup for 1.5 quart. And the strawberry didn’t even taste like it had to much. But the upside is we are eating pure cane sugar, versus high fructose corn syrup and that we are trying to get a away from.


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