Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey

Published February 15, 2012 by Sara

Julia and I absolutely love “Mr. Magoriums Wonder Emporium”. This was the last movie we saw as a family before my Mom passed away. It was a sad movie for all of us, being as Magorium does in the end, but I needed to prepare my younger ones for what was to come. It taught them that death comes at some point for loved ones and that it’s okay to be sad.

Well the while movie is just plain silly. Which is entirely up my alley. I can not tell you how many times Julia and I have watched this.

Well, “Toys” is available on Netflix. I adore this movie and I really need to get this on DVD. This I had on VHS but was one of the few I had not repurchased since. I know if I had seen this, I wouldn’t have to think twice about buying it.

And now Julia is hooked. All the more reasons to get it on DVD.


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