Aww Snap!

Published February 14, 2012 by Sara

Since I posted my new items on my business blog individually with links to my stores. It created 17 notes, which some reblogged, some liked and a few started to follow my blog and it generated 3 sales that I know of. Which with this new found find, I will finish the last 4-6 items I wanted to add to my inventory and I will get cracking on blogging about existing creations. I plan to do a few test posts and see if adding them to a later time changes anything. Which I plan to implement this on other business blogs I have set up. Goodness, this alone could generate some more sales, I do pretty ok right now, but this could get me on track to take more time off. I also have been thinking instead of going to Minnesota, we go to a waterpark in the Dells or maybe locally, depending if we find any deals. Otherwise they are pretty expensive and even with having our tax return, I still wouldn’t be able to justify spending that much money, but sometimes, it comes down to the memories it will create and not how much was spent.

This is what I hate about working from home. Always worrying that sales could stop. I am not guaranteed income by working. I work and pay for materials up front and pray that I get some sales out of it.

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