Whitney Houston

Published February 12, 2012 by Sara

Wow, I just can not believe she is gone. Just like that. Gone. Gone from ever making the comeback I had hoped she would make. Gone from making the music I loved.

I have been sitting here watching her music videos and wow, this truly is just so sad. The last time I was moved this much by a musician’s passing, was Michael Jackson. 

I remember being absolutely mesmerized by Whitney. Trying to sing her songs that in no way could I ever compare to, but it didn’t stop me from trying. 

Or when her music videos came on, I’d jump up and start dancing. Especially to “How Will I Know” and “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”. Memories of Whitney are much clearer then when I reflected on Michael Jackson. 

And I can not say how many times I watched her music videos just to watch her little quirks when she sings. Like when she scrunches her nose, or the way she moves her mouth when she sings. She just exuded sexuality, but in a very subtle way.

I remember being in the 8th Grade and Ms. Hanlon talking about her. I forget what brought it up, but she was mentioning what a Diva she was and how she demanded certain things in order to perform or do interviews. That was when I first learned that not everything is what you see…..but I still loved Whitney all the same.

I remember my husband and I going to The Paradise to see “The Bodyguard” and I ran into my friend Sue Madsen from work. I loved that movie to the ends of the earth. And the music she produced for the movie, I have that soundtrack along with “The Preacher’s Wife”.

Again, the news of her passing will forever be immortalized in my head. When Gwen told me, she said it casually, but when I stopped and the look on my face, she realized this was one that hit me. In a fleeting moment, I wanted to cry, but then it’s hard to take some of these tid bits seriously, being as sometimes one news source can get wrong information and the next thing you know, it’s viral and it’s not true in the slightest. (Take Bon Jovi for example.) She asked me who she was, she said the name sounded familiar. 

And this is where I am failing as a parent. My kids don’t know these singers or the amazing music they produced. But now they will know, being as I am sure just like MJ, the radio stations will be playing her music non stop. Which I am looking forward too…

When Michael Jackson passed, his music spoke to my daughter Emily. She fell in love with him and we now have EVERY album he has ever made. Her Dad even bought her a white hat that almost looks like the one he wears in “Smooth Criminal”.

But Dear Whitney, I am hope you have finally found peace and to me, you were “That One Moment In Time”


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