Oh la la, Breaking Dawn

Published February 11, 2012 by Sara

Gwen and I went to the midnight release at Target and met up with one of my old friends from when I was a teenager, with HER daughter. We had a blast! The release party wasn’t that great, but Gwen and I did get a movie prop!! *hands to face* We got some of the flowers from the wedding scene in the movie. It is encased in plastic and sealed with a certificate of authenticity with a # on the back.

When we got home, we were all set to watch it and we ALL conked out before the movie ended. *sigh* 

But Toni and I are planning to meet up again towards the end of this month to see Gabriel as Prince, being as our old friend Dave is in the show as well. Would be nice to see him again. I think she also mentioned her brother is coming, which that will be a trip. I dated her brother back in the day, which wasn’t very long, 2 weeks maybe a month? I don’t know, but I think he wasn’t ready, being as he was just too damn shy and when I say shy, the most time I’d spend with him was on the phone. I’d call him to see if he wanted to hang out and he would say he had homework, or he was grounded, always some lame excuse. I ended up breaking up with him, being as I wasn’t sure what he wanted when he asked me out. I don’t know and it didn’t help he is related to the family that lived across from me and they gave me a reputation of being a party girl, sort of a wild child. I still to this day don’t see myself that way, but maybe it scared him with their interpretation of me. 

Anyway, that’s water under the bridge. That was ions ago.

And damn Toni for aging us! she posted on her FB it’s been 22 years since we last saw each other. I think it has been not that long, but still a significant amount of time has passed. I even told her my 20 yr high school reunion is coming up and damn, we honestly can’t be that old already!!


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