Freaked Out

Published February 7, 2012 by Sara

I received a tax form from Paypal in the mail today, which at first have me a heart attack by how much they said I received in payments. But after the initial shock.wore off, I realized this does not count what was paid in shipping or fees to any of the sites I sell on. Not my expenses.

But am a little bit confused,being as when I log into Paypal, the end of year amount does not match. It actually says less. Sigh…..

I got orders caught up, even tomorrows. But now the sales are coming in. Which I am not complaining. But I was really looking forward to having a day to catch up on cleaning. I thought maybe Monday and Tuesday would be slow. But this works out being as I just saw Disney on Ice is coming and none of my kids have been to this. I went once when Gwen was young but my Mom had tickets and invited her friend, which really bummed me out. I felt horrible going to something I couldn’t share with her. Now she is almost 18. But I know she still loves Disney.

Which the kids are already asking if we are going to Minnesota over spring break. Which I would love to, but I think its best we go.over the summer. for one it will be a lot warmer and this way I don’t have to worry about my Uncle walking on snow or ice. The man just makes me nervous.


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