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Published February 29, 2012 by Sara

Oh so true! I was a blubbering fool when Dooby and Hedwig died in the HP series….can’t say I did for Dumbledore, that one had me thinking he wasn’t dead, but the movie, I was bawling! LOL 

And Snape, dear Snape, I always knew he was a good guy! He just put off that he was an asshole….

And Sirus, dear Sirus. His loss wasn’t I wasn’t as affected being as it was so quick, but the mourning of the loss afterwards, was felt very much, even more so when it was Harry’s last connection to his parents. (Not the last, but the closest, afterall he was HP Godfather)

Published February 29, 2012 by Sara

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I made this blog to cheer you sad people up. You deserve to smile.

Published February 29, 2012 by Sara


  • I have two Loki posters, one Loki-Thor fighting posters, two different Avengers posters, one Captain America, and one Thor poster. They’re smaller than regular size posters (most of them are 20×13”, couple are 26×13”, and others are 21×14”).
  • The posters are all brand new. I ordered recently for the purpose of giving them away. 😉 And they’re all fabric posters.
  • REBLOGS ONLY! No limit in reblogging, but let’s not spam the dash.
  • I will randomly select seven people.
  • Make sure your ask box is open so I can notify you when you’re selected. Also if I don’t get a reply with which poster you want with your address in a couple days after I send you the message, I’ll choose someone else. I don’t want any delays.
  • Out of the seven people, whoever messages me back first will get to choose which poster they want. So if someone already chose a poster you wanted, I can’t do anything about that. Sorry.
  • I’ve never shipped posters before, so if you never get the poster, especially in the case of international shipping, or if the poster is damaged, I can’t take any responsibility for it. I’ll probably be just as disappointed and upset as you if something like that happens though.
  • I will select the winners on Saturday, March 3.
  • Just wanted to share my love for the Avengers and lovely Loki with you guys. ❤
Published February 29, 2012 by Sara

I miss having cats…..

I Won’t Give Up

Published February 29, 2012 by Sara

Now this is so interesting. I just wanted to edit the blog I had done with this video and link it properly, well, there is a NEW video for the song, and what really hits home, is in the video they show a man who has had his arm and leg amputated, that isn’t the only one, but I just find it so touching that I felt this song best suited how I felt about my husband’s amputation and here this song does a video with the same situation as us……

Packer Tailgate Tour

Published February 28, 2012 by Sara

I have been invited to participate in this event, in which I will sell my Packer items in which part of the proceeds will go to Ronald McDonald House. There will be 2 current players and 2 old players at this event and they will be traveling all over Wisconsin.

I am so stoked I have been invited, but have not accepted the invitation just yet.

I won’t have to pay for a table, which is a plus!

The event will only be 1 1/2 hours long.

I need to contact my friend Liz, being as I know if I don’t invite her, she will murder me….lol. I doubt we will meet popular current players, such as Rodgers, being as I am sure he is booked up with other events. And Driver was just booked for Dancing With The Stars. But we shall see.

But truly, how exciting. Also, I am not sure how much to make, being as I don’t want to make too much or too little. I also just got set up to make credit card payments with my tablet and my phone, which this will come in handy and also maybe generate more sales!

Movie Night

Published February 25, 2012 by Sara

Took the family to see a movie today, since we have all these coupons. We all had decided on “Chronicle”. Which We all agree it was a good movie, just not as good as we expected. I think I may be too harsh on the movie, being as watching another trailer and reading some more reviews, is making me realize maybe its a movie that needs to be watched twice. But it’s not a movie I’ll watch over and over again.

Tomorrow we will go see another movie, but this time, Art and the kids will see “Ghost Rider 2”, while Gwen and I go see “Vow”. Which I originally wanted to see, but didn’t want to make Art and the younger two sit through the movie.

Who knows….we shall see what tomorrow brings.