More snow….

Published January 20, 2012 by Sara

Well we have another snow system heading our way tomorrow. So I decided to go do some much needed grocery shopping. Which has been long overdue, being as kept holding back and waiting till I had my cushion back in PayPal again. BUT that doesn’t seem to be working. Well yes and no. I was getting it back up there, but then cheating and getting take out would put me one step back. So, I finally caved. Coupons or no coupons, I was going to do some shopping. We are now set with meals for a week and a half. Then that doesn’t count what we may have as left overs the next day. But wow, lots of people were shopping as well. You would think they said blizzard with the amount of people shopping. Which I got rock salt, being as if I don’t, that will be a hard commodity to find after this system comes through.

On the radio this morning they asked which would you prefer, snow or cold? I want to say I’d rather have snow. Being cold and for a long time, it takes too damn long to warm up again.

And with Emily having her best friend overnight for a sleepover , then it was high time to get some food in the house. If all goes well, I hope to take everyone sledding tomorrow. Provided the storm is not too bad.

So in the meantime, I am getting everything ready. The sleds, tote of Outerwear and snow pants, etc. I meant to pick up a thermos so I could take some Hot Cocoa with us. But I do have smaller ones we can use. Which may be a better idea. Since we can each have our own. I am so relieved the kids have a 4 day weekend. We’ll try to get some good sledding time in before it melts, being as the temps are suppose to get back up to the 40’s……


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