Published January 16, 2012 by Sara

This conversation took place while my kids were devouring my meatloaf. Which I make once or twice a year.

Gwen – I’m so glad they make stuff to make meat taste better. It would taste blah without it.

Emily – Yeah, like McDonald’s.


Julia – MOM, are you almost done with the computer?! You said you were only going to be 20 minutes and it’s been a whole hooouuurrr!

Me – honey, it has not been an hour. And plus I stepped away from the computer and watched the Packer game and you were not in here. I “just” got back on it.

Julia – Mom, I am talking about time in reality and not Mom time. Mom time you think it’s only been 20 mins when in reality you have been on the computer for an hour.

I love Julia to bits. She is always trying to rationalize and make sense out of everything. While I find this amusing now, I know when she hits her teens. I am in for some serious arguments….we are too much alike. WHICH could be a good thing, but I fear we may butt heads……


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