First Class VS Standard Shipping

Published January 15, 2012 by Sara

I know I had blogged previously about changing the shipping, which I did. But after doing some more research and seeing sales slow down after the change, made me go back and make some changes.

I have changed my handling time from two business days to one business day. Being as after some research, having the handling time of two business days, doesn’t protect my DSR shipping time frame. Whereas one day DOES. And it doesn’t matter what shipping I use, as long as it arrives within 4 days, the buyer can not rate me on the shipping time frame. SO, this whole time it was the handling time that is messing up my shipping time DSR. Which still is not bad, but is cutting REAL close to knocking my rating out of receiving the discount.

And since I have changed it, sales have picked up. Yay! I was starting to worry that maybe I was hitting rock bottom.  


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