Snow Has Fallen

Published January 14, 2012 by Sara

Finally, we have s.n.o.w! It seems rather surreal to see this white stuff all over the place, but t was only a matter of time before the inevitable was bound to happen. And suuuurrreee, got more than what was originally fore-casted, but we live along the lake front, so we got clipped by lake effect. DOH! But this was great though, being as I was trying to be the snow lower started. I checked the oil and it was low, so I ran inside the house to ask hubby what kind it takes. Well he doesn’t remember. So I grab the manual and low and behold, it has the start up directions. HA! Do you know by following the VERY simple instructions in the book. I got the snow blower started on the first try. Whereas my husband made it sound so complicated. And this whole time I thought it takes a couple of tries to be it started. Now knowing what I know now. Heck when it starts snowing, I’ll go out there and clear some of it, just to make it easier when it’s done snowing.

I also got some gas for it as well, which I fear I may have put in 87 before, this time I put in 93 and now, there is no more backfire.

This wouldn’t have been so bad, but all the kid were sick. So, it was me shoveling and removing the snow. I figured since I had the beast out, that I would clear walk that haven’t been cleared and went down 5 houses. My husband was shocked I did that, since he wouldn’t go that far, but I told him if he got that monster, it would be nice to do others as well. I am still planning on buying a snow blower this season, one that is much easier to maneuver and won’t feel like it’s going to run me over either. Which is why I should get cracking on our taxes real soon.

I truly don’t mind doing snow removal. It’s exercise for one. And two growing up, we lived on a corner, which was DOUBLE what I have now. Which back then, I only had a shovel. 

Which now in my own house, we live on a corner as well. But growing up. My Mom purchased the land next to us that had a house condemned, which was nice but come winter, was not so nice. So I guess you can say I am an expert when it comes to snow removal. I have my own particular shovel I use and it’s awesome since no one else likes it either. *bonus!* 


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