Standard Shipping

Published January 11, 2012 by Sara

I realized that eBay has the option to select Standard Shipping, which gives a more realistic shipping time of 1-5 Business Days. 

Over the holiday season I busted my butt getting packages out in a timely manner and still my DSR hangs at 4.8 Which is good, don’t get me wrong. But a buyer just came through and rated me a 1 or 2, which I am at the limit of 4 low ratings. One more and it throws me down to not be Top Rated Seller. Granted, good ratings can come in and offset that low rating, but I just can’t have that.

SO, now with adding the realistic time frame, will not allow buyers to give me a low rating. Being as if they receive it within the estimated time frame, they can not rate me at all. eBay will automatically give me 5 stars.

If only I had seen this before the holidays. Heck, I even called eBay to file a formal complaint about their practice of listing First Class as Expedited and giving an unrealistic time frame of 2-3 days. I wished the guy I had spoken with, would have mentioned about changing the listings to Standard Shipping. I would have been ALL over that. 

But now with this added to all my listings, I can breathe a little easier and not bust my butt to the ends to get the low ratings I have been getting and this time frame will afford me to relax a little more…. *whew*


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