Published January 11, 2012 by Sara

I just got a text from my best bud tonight letting me know she is thinking about my Mom and how proud she would be of me and my business and that her and her husband are very proud of me as well. 

Which I do think about my Mom and what she would think about my business. I know she would be proud and would be telling anyone who would care to hear about it to the ends of the earth. I do think at times I didn’t deserve as much praise as she would give me, but in her eyes, she was proud of me. 

And before having my own children, I often wondered how I looked in her eyes. I am so proud of my children’s accomplishments, big and small. So this must be what it was like for her.

I do miss her. She was the only person in the world who truly “knew” me. My husband and best bud comes a close second. But my Mom knew me in such a way that no one will ever come close to that. She saw me through so much. I just wish she wasn’t taken from me so soon. 

I knew that day would come, but never thought she would be at a young 60 yrs old. 

But her passing is what made me make my online business a full time commitment. If she didn’t pass, I truly do not think I would be where I am with my business. But who knows where my path would be if she didn’t pass away. 

And while she’s not here, I am proud of myself. And I do truly think while she is gone, she is the one giving me ideas, pushing me to go forward. 


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