Gotta Love Clearance!

Published December 31, 2011 by Sara

This year I don’t have a lot of money to take full advantage of Christmas clearance, but I did manage to get the younger kids taken care of for St. Nick next year. Plus really, what else could I possibly buy anyway? I barely have time to get my Christmas decorations outside, let alone inside decorations, and I don’t need anymore Christmas cards, being as the past 3 years I have not sent any. BUT I will be! I even bought the stamps, so cards WILL be making their way out…LOL Doesn’t help we didn’t get to see Santa till 2 days before Christmas as well, being this year has been a VERY busy year, especially when you add that my van was feeling a little neglected and decided to have some issues with needing some money too. *sigh* And then my kids were sick, my friend’s kid was sick and the time we had set aside to see Santa, he closed his line at 5pm and we got their literally minutes after they closed it. 

BUT we still had fun! We did our usual shopping of the stores, I got myself some Winter Candy Apple hand soap from BBB. I LOVE that stuff! I hope I have enough to last me a few months. I even bought a Wallflower….

And then the usual trip to Candy Cane Lane, which this year, it looks like a lot of people are really going all out to decorate. Another sign that the economy is rebounding slighty. 🙂

But stay tuned for the post about the “actual” trip to see Santa, that one will be hilarious considering the run around I was on…..


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