Published December 30, 2011 by Sara

I was just looking through my news feed on Facebook, when I came across a post ThinkGeek has made. 

They sent a care package of goodies to a husband and wife that have extremely limited funds, the husband is dying of brain cancer and his wife can’t work due to the overwhelming amount of care he needs. And if that doesn’t already get you choked up, just wait….they’re newlyweds. They were married only 6 weeks, when his diagnosis came in. They now have been married 2 years.  

Ok, I know, that got you right? Here, let me hand you some tissues…..

I have been reading her blog and I can understand all too well her frustrations, thoughts and feelings she is going through. Having to take care of someone you know is dying. Not knowing when it will be your last day with them, your last words, your last hug, your last “I love you”, or the inevitable, their last breath. 

She is simply thankful to have one more Christmas with her husband, one more Christmas she can share it with him and his family. It’s so easy for us to take everything for granted, easy to be thinking of what to buy someone for Christmas, when essentially, it should all come down to simply enjoying the time you have with the people you love. Christmas should never be about material things. 

My family spent our Christmas playing with their new board games, while we watched Christmas movies. I’m shocked I actually got to play Charlie Brown!! LOL This Christmas was the most relaxing, being as I got as much as I could get ready the day before. It was super nice to be with my kids and husband versus being holed up in the kitchen all day. 

But after seeing her blog, made me realize that we all take everything too much for granted. Our health, our kids and our spouses. That they will ALWAYS be there. Everyday we are alive is a gift, every moment we get to spend with our loved ones is a gift. And while my kids have been on Christmas break, I dread going upstairs to work, being as I love being around them. This is going to be hard when they are on summer break, but here’s hoping I will have enough money squirreled away again to take the summer off with them. 🙂 


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