Published December 21, 2011 by Sara

I have all my stores on vacation. I experienced some more problems with my van and shut down the last store that was still open, which was Etsy.

I am thinking I may slowly reopen stores the day after Christmas. Being as I have some things I want to get finished that I would like to list in my stores. And I have a few special orders for friends that I would like to get done as well and also revamp Artfire and Bonanza. MAINLY Bonanza, being as it’s format is not compatible with eBay’s format and it makes my listings confusing. More so when it doesn’t have the option for the buyer to select the color, or earring style. 

I do plan on getting my Packer Cheese Wedge stuff redone. The old style I am not too crazy about and will be discontinuing that style once and for all, since it confuses me when I get orders and would hate to make a mistake sending the wrong style.

And lastly, I will be clearancing out some items that are just taking up space, and this way I can have more room for items that are more popular. 

I am glad to have this blog, being as I can toss out all my plans and ideas and come back to look at them.

Lastly, an eBay change, I will be putting my handling time to 5 days, since eBay likes to put a unrealistic time frame when First Class will arrive. It gives people the impression that it will arrive in the same time as Priority. Which is not the case. First Class takes 5-7 days, sometimes it can be longer, sometimes it can be faster. But buyers are not reading that it says “estimated” and while my ratings are still good, they are not where they should be. I can only attribute it to eBay being as I send out my packages faster than my processing time, which is 2 days and I literally have been busting my butt to make that time frame too and still my rating hangs at 4.8.

Who knows, maybe setting my processing time at 5 days may not be a good idea, but I plan to mention in my listings that is NOT my processing time, it is only done that way to give a more realistic delivery time to buyers. And this way, if they need it faster, they will go Priority Mail.

I have been making a point to have ALL my packages scanned in when going to the post office. But there have been a few occasions when I didn’t. 

BUT have found that if I use Paypal’s multi-order shipping tool, I can have a scan form printed for ALL those packages and then when I walk into the post office, they scan that and BAM, say there are 20 packages, it will scan them all in at once. Which I truly think is an awesome feature and hope to learn this over Christmas break!

But no matter what now, either way, packages will be getting scanned in from here on out, being as this will give the buyer’s the piece of mind that I did drop off the package. But come January, my shipping prices will be increasing due to USPS increasing their prices. 


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