Thermal Label Printer

Published December 12, 2011 by Sara

I finally caved and purchased one, being as after ordering labels to use with my inkjet printer, were either not sticky enough or they would jam in my printer.

After receiving some orders from sellers I had purchased from. I asked them where in the world did they order their labels. Well that was when I found out they use thermal printers. Which I had checked into last year but decided I would save money by using my printer with adhesive labels. Which now proves to be a in mistake.

Soooooo, after much researching. I finally ordered one! Originally priced at $100. I found it from $52 with free shipping. I did not realize the labels would only be 2 3/7” wide, but after using it, it’s the best investment! For one the labels print the long way, but this is good, being as one of the postal workers said it would be better to have the bar codes sideways on my packages. Well being as these are smaller labels, it has to print that way.

But the upside to having this, I use absolutely NO ink. And I no long have to cut my labels by hand. I even had started to use my guillotine cutter to cruise through the labels I was using before, but now I don’t have to worry about that anymore.

I went to the post office with my packages and had them scan them in. Only one out of 30 didn’t scan, which is pretty awesome if you ask me. Which I am wondering now if that was the one the printer stopped on and pulled it back in to print.

I also am amazed at how fast it prints. I send the label the printer and it prints instantly! Whereas with my printer, sometimes I would wonder what the heck is going on, being as you could hear the print heads cycling ask and forth for 5 minutes and I would be wondering if it ever was going to print.

I was thinking at first this would be a temporary printer until I could afford the Zebra, which refurbished woke be $150 and brand new $300. Ouch! I don’t understand which these are so expensive! But am glad to have found a cheaper alternative by one that looks like it will be here tto stay!

It’s all about saving time, and money. Only downside is this won’t into my international, which is OK. I will still need to order seperate labels for these in the meantime. 🙂


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