My Tablet

Published December 10, 2011 by Sara

Yes I’m still very much in love with my tablet! I have been using it while working, which having a touch screen is really nice, especially when watching Netflix. Now if only Hulu would step up to the plate and get an app compatible with my tablet, it would be heaven sent.

Another reason why I love it. I went to bed with it the other night and my husband was none the wiser. No click clacking of keys, no noise, nothing.

My kids have finally waned of asking to use it all the time. But then that could be because I have it all the time with me.

Over Thanksgiving weekend. I bought a dock for it and a pink back plate for it. I know the cover was a foo-foo purchase, and I normally would pass, but for $10, why not? And they added a charging card free of charge for buying the dock. So for $40. I got all that and the charging cord alone NOT on sale is $54. Bonus!

I truly am in love, being as this is so much more portable than my net book and i get the best of both worlds with owning a tablet.

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