Busy Busy

Published December 10, 2011 by Sara

Wow, the sales are literally kicking my arse! Originally my stores were set to go on vacation on the 19th, but then when the sales started to come in, I planned for the 10th. BUT as with life, the heater assembly went on my van and I was worried it was the heater core. Which that I know is e-x-p-e-n-s-i-v-e-. After 2 quotes, it was going to cost $640-$700. I wanted to cry, being as our car insurance is due, house payment and health insurance. Its not that I couldn’t afford it, it just was going to leave us broke with the other bills.

Then my husband asks me to ask them if i buy the part can they install it. The answer was “yes”. I about died …being as this saved me $400!!!! I told Louis that I love coming to them its just cost is what makes it hard, so knowing this. I will ALWAYS come to them. Being as of course they quote me the dealership part and not a part from somewhere else.

But since this little mishap, I will be keeping my stores open till Monday morning. I just need to make back what I paid into the van and this way we shall be set till the end of the month. But I most likely will open my stores before then.

Then while I was getting orders together earlier, was when I was thinking maybe our TV has the extended warranty from best buy, which after calling, it does! Go figure, we had problems with it Christmas morning, it just wouldn’t turn on. Called Samsung, they sent out a repair tech and we thought that was the end if it. Till a month ago when out TV started acting up. Called Samsung and more or less we were told we are on our own. This was something I figure once my stores went on vacation, I would fix this. Being as i know what it is and would cost me less than $4 to fix it. I am just relieved to know this can be someone else. Yay!

So now my stores will go on vacation on the 12th. This way I can float in whatever extra in the meantime. But I am wishing my stores were on vacation already. I have been mia with the family and just miss them. Which at the end of the year, I plan to calculate just how many I have sold of certain items and will get those made in advance for this next year.

We still don’t have our decorations up yet nor the tree. Which I am feeling maybe we should try to get a real tree this year. Just something with the smell of fresh pine just feels so Christmasy. But I had looked to do this last year and we decided against it due to the cost, but I would like to try again….


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