Cyber Monday

Published November 29, 2011 by Sara

I have never before shopped online on this day, and this being the first one. I didn’t hit up too many, but didn’t know who was having what.

So I just winged it. I finally ordered Gwen a digital camera, which am sure she will love. Its 16mp, 7x optical zoom (I’m already drooling at the zoom.) And it has a 3” screen. So lucky! But the camera was quite he find to.

Purchased some gift cards for Marcus, which doing this on Monday versus Friday, get double the coupons. 2 Bogo’s on admission for each GC purchased and then we the Frosty Flicks coupons as well. It basically pays from itself after we use the regular admission coupons.

Then I ordered from Think Geek, which that was not expected to do today, by not sure what made me check out their site and here the had free shipping. Sweet!!!

I was going to order our State Fair Tickets, but the deal will come again. Same with this one desk I was looking at. Was reading reviews and it appears to be going on sale a lot, so I will wait. Its glass top, so this would be perfect for me. Any spills of epoxy, glue, it will be much easier to clean up. Plus it’s an L shape desk, which is exactly what I need to give me some room! But it can wait….I rather wait being as we have a lot of bills coming up … insurance, car insurance, water bill, and her soon, my first electric bill from upstairs. I’m nervous to see what that will be, since I have been stingy with turning te heat on. I’ll let it run once or twice in the morning just to take the chill out and then I am fine. Was getting spoiled with that nice weather, but ah well, it looks to be leaving us…..


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