Busy Busy Business

Published November 29, 2011 by Sara

Wow, I was worried sales were not going to be so awesome considering how the sales were on Thanks giving. But now thinking a,about it in hindsight, people were too busy gearing up for midnight sales. So basically there was no down time to putz online.

But after? WOW! The sales kicked my butt in a big way and now I am trying to stay ahead. But I am feeling since Cyber Monday has come and gone, sales may return to normal.

But great news, my husband purchased me a Toshiba Thrive tablet and this is an awesome investment! My email is right at my fingertips. I get instant notifications when an email comes in and was able to configure it for my 3 email accounts, which this makes the tablet a dream. If anyone is in the market from one, I definitely recommend the Toshiba Thrive! It really puts the I pad to shame. There is a SD card slot, USB ports, HDMI port…whereas the Motorola Zoom and I pad does not have this. Also, you, yes YOU can change out your own battery. iPad and Zoom do not have that.

I have the 8gb, which is fine for me. I have an external I can use, by am seriously considering seeing if I can add my tablet to my network, being as when I create listings, I can access those folders from anything, even more so my tablet.

I do hope to get some new listings up, but these may not happen due to the overwhelming orders.


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