Day 25 – 30 Days of Thanks

Published November 26, 2011 by Sara

I am thankful for Black Friday. I was nervous this year with the stores opening at midnight, it would be chaotic. I didn’t leave till 1am but when I arrived at Walmart. It was busy but not as bad as I had expected. I was waiting in line about 5 minutes….I never get in and out that quick at Walmart of all places. But I found out later that they opened at 10pm, which explains why some of the items I was looking for were gone. But I only had intended to g to Walmart and head home. Well I stopped at Target and then the Walmart in Franklin. I made it home about 4am being as I was tired and needed to get some sleep. Well I over slept and finally rolled out again at 9am.

Next year I will be a lot more organized being as this was just insane. I did get some deals, I have been wanting Dance Central 2 and Just Dance 3 both for the Xbox. Well DC2 was $15 at Best buy I got that price matched and JD3 for $25 from Target. Both games just came out this past Oct /Nov.

Got Julia a new piggy bank since she broke hers literally minutes after she got it on Christmas.

I also got some crazy deals at Joanne. Spent $170 and save close to $400. Most of it was stuff for my business. I plan on making Pajama bottoms for my girls and whatever material is left, will make pillows for them. Funny I started out with picking just one fabric, but then saw other styles I knew they would like, so I ended up buying enough to make them 3 pairs if PJ pants. This does not count the material I already have from last year. Which come Monday, I will start getting my area set no to crank these out. I also plan to take their measurements so I make them the right size. And really how could I could not get these? The material was $1.49/yard plus an addtional 25% off. And what’s once is the Pajama bottoms are so easy to make, I figure it will take me about a half hour for one pair. And my kids will be getting slippers…. a lot of stuff made by me. I love making them stuff. 🙂


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