Nobody Tells You….

Published November 21, 2011 by Sara

I finally made it to Top Rated Seller status on eBay. Which I had hoped to have made this feat LAST month. But this means I will get more traffic to my listings! And I vow to NEVER have my stores on vacation over a month EVER again. It wouldn’t be so bad, but I had just been slammed with a few low DSR’s for shipping time, but closing the stores when those just came in, was not good. Well, not good for the amount of time I had them on vacation. 

So while celebrating on my FB page. My good friend Amanda (we’ve been friends since I was 10.) posts on my wall this quote by Ira Glass. I love it so much I am trying to find this in poster format. I did find one place, but they will “notify” me when it becomes available.

Ira Glass QuoteAnd I can completely understand this 100%. Looking back at some of the things I had made in the beginning. I knew it could be better and my items over time have improved immensely.

I am surprised by the amount of requests I get on Etsy and eBay for special requests. And only until recently have I truly discovered that I am finally in the running. 

One lady loves that I actually drill through the scrabble tile versus using bails. Trust me, this was not an easy feat by any means. But I did it, which of course was about $150 in equipment as well. Which makes me job SO much easier as well. I only know of one other lady who drills through her tiles and she was the one who gave me the pebble to throw into the pond. 

If I am struggling to make something perfect to “my” liking or figure out how I need to pull off a special request. I think about it day and night, drives me absolutely bonkers if you ask me.

But anyway, I can totally relate to the quote by Ira Glass. Now I’m off to find out MORE about Ira Glass……


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