Gwenny Gwen Gwen

Published November 18, 2011 by Sara

I just feel so bad for her. She slipped in the cafeteria yesterday, but when she fell, she kinda went into a kneeling position but her right knee was on the ground and her left knee was bent, but it popped, rather loudly at that too. 

Well, took her to the doc today and it turns out, she may have sprained her MCL. Her knee cap actually moves to the side, the tendon is so swollen. 

She will be wearing a brace for 4-6 weeks and we start PT next week. She may not have to wear the brace the whole time, it all depends on PT and how they think she is doing. But right now, she needs to take it easy, rest up, ice it and elevate. 

But at least she gets to ride the elevator and a pass to get out of Gym. Lucky!! I never got either in either of my school’s!

I swear, between me and her, we are just f’ed up all over. Thankfully my rib is getting better, still gets sore from time to time, but major MAJOR improvement. Something I don’t e.v.e.r want to do again!

Tonight we had her Fall/Winter concert and I must say that her school really knows how to put on a show. You sit there amazed that these are high school kids and they sound so professional. 

The last song they did, if Ms. Brietbarth didn’t say “This next song, I told the kids to think of someone they love that they had to watch struggle.” Instantly I thought of my Mom, then Art and wondered who Gwen was thinking of. I started tearing up when they started to sing “Bridge Over Troubled Water”

Later when I asked Gwen, who was it she was thinking of, she said it was me she thought of. And of course I got all choked up again, being as I never think of myself and it made me reflect on the song again and realize the whole other meaning this has seeing it from her eyes and watching everything that we have went through and what she has seen me struggle with and still struggle with to this day. I hope that in whatever I do, it makes her a better person and that she knows that life is too short to worry about little things, life is too precious to waste your time on selfish people, and that in the end, the family you have under your roof, is the family that ALWAYS comes first!


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