Day 9/10 – 30 Days Of Thanks

Published November 18, 2011 by Sara

I am thankful to have friends, very good friends who KNOW me. There have people who have come and gone from my life who “think” they know me or try to tell me how they see me. Like, having their views of their perception of me will change who I am or even consider what they think, only if they had gotten it right. And really, I am not that difficult of a person to figure out. I lay all my cards on the table, I never hide anything. But when it comes to perception, each person has their own. Glass half empty versus half full. I’m the half full type person, always seeing the good in everything that happens. While the next person can see it’s half empty, always hanging onto negativity, never moving forward, putting their every waking moment into wishing for bad things to happen to people they think have wronged them. I prefer to not waste my time on such behavior, being as I prefer to be happy and have fun. I can’t have that if I sit on every word, every move, every breath one person takes.

I don’t like competing or being around people who think I am. I certainly don’t like being around people who are one way to my face, but to countless others, talk differently about me. 

So I am thankful to the people who let their true colors shine and finally giving me my reason for not associating with them anymore. There are games people like to play and think it’s cute, but that shit was done in grade school. I went through it once, I won’t ever do it again. I don’t care who you are.

Which leads me to Day 10. I am thankful for having the wisdom and strength to stand up against adversity. While sometimes, my opinion may not always be widely accepted. I don’t change who I am or change my outlook to appease the masses. If I lose a few friends along the way, so be it. I’d rather be around people who can appreciate my truthfulness versus people who want me to be


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