Published November 9, 2011 by Sara

I have started to move my work area today, although I pulled my rib muscle again sneezing of all things. *sigh* But keeping the loads light and now with Gwen home to help me, this will make things go faster. 

I was worried when I felt my rib muscle get pulled again, being as I knew once I started moving. I would not be able to stop or split this into a few days, since I have orders. 

Sadly, thinking of all the things I would like to have up there, I won’t have enough room for. So I will be doing some improvisation on what goes where. I think once I have a sewing table and not a folding table, that will make a huge difference as well. 

I plan to take our futon up there and this where the room starts to get crowded. LOL I would love to have this up there, being as if the kids are up there and they want to stay the night up there, they can use this.

I think this will be awesome for my husband as well, being as either I am in his way or he is in my way. (He’s in a wheelchair) And this will give him space he so needs as well as me. Give me some time away from him for a change. LOL


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