Day 7 – 30 Days of Thanks

Published November 7, 2011 by Sara

I am thankful for my phone. Who would ever think such a small gadget would be so nice to have! I literally have EVERYTHING at my fingertips. If I need coupons, an alarm, a scheduler, a flash light, etc.

For instance, I needed to draw my money out of my checking account, but the money I had was in my savings. Logged into the bank online, did a transfer and the money was able to be drawn out right away.

The power went out in the kitchen and basement. I was about to start digging for a flashlight and realized my phone has one. *sweet* This came in handy mulitple time, especially when we stayed at Lake Winnebago. It’s so dark out there and plus you need to be sure you don’t step on any toads….lmao

A month ago I was at the DMV getting my husband’s car registered and I needed proof to show that his loan had been paid for, which was done back in ‘04? Either way, found the bank’s info online, called and had it taken care of within minutes. 

And the coupons, wow! I just love that feature. I don’t know how many times I’m caught at Joann’s or Michaels and don’t have any coupons. Now with my phone, they are only a few clicks away.

I’m able to stay on top of eBay, Etsy and Paypal. These would have been soooo handy when my husband was in the hospital. 

I just love my smart phone and think it’s the best investment ever. I truly never thought I would have ever owned one. Now I wait patiently for the Motorola Triumph to go down or on sale, being as I would LOVE that phone. The only downside to my phone is the limited space on it. Go figure, adding a 14GB SD card didn’t make a difference, it has only used 1GB of space. *sigh* But the Triumph has 2GB internal, which is RIGHT up my alley. But then I may wait till they have something with a little more space than that. 

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