Good News To Report

Published November 6, 2011 by Sara

My rib cage muscle doesn’t hurt quite as much as when it first did and I have been splitting my Tylenol 4’s in half, which is a good sign. Plus taking the whole tablet, I could barely function on any level. 

So which leads me to this Tuesday. I will be moving my work area to the upper part of our house that we have used as a rental for the past 2 years. Our tenant is moving and I really need space. Our whole house is being consumed with my business and I REALLY need an area dedicated to it. 

I really do not need the whole upper, which seems rather wasteful. But I think my kids would like this and possibly it may lead to one of them having their own bedroom up there. 

But I can not WAIT to start shopping. Being as I plan to move my Xbox up there, which I would love to have a TV. But this expense is something that will be held off. Unless I can find an insanely cheap TV. Even been thinking of borrowing Julia’s for in the meantime.

The bonus to having my work area upstairs, is I will have my very own bathroom to use. I won’t have to trudge all the way downstairs to get that out of the way.

Also, my photo box will be in the same area as me, and that is another feat accomplished. This way when I need to take photos, this will all be right in the same room. No more running downstairs to the basement to take photos and then run back upstairs to upload and edit and list. Also, if the pictures didn’t turn out, I can immediately do retakes. *whew*

I wish I had the money to buy the things I would love to have, like a new work table, but that will all be in due time. 

I will be just relieved to have everything all in one place and also an area to have my sewing machine set up with all my materials around me.

Also, our main living space won’t feel so cramped with all my stuff surrounding us. Once we have all my stuff moved. I plan to set up our Christmas tree right away. We won’t do the ornaments and such, just get it up. Being as once my stores are open, it will be hard for me to get around to doing this. 

I just wish it was today I could start moving my stuff!! LOL

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