30 Days Of Thanks

Published November 6, 2011 by Sara

I have been seeing this all over Facebook, so I thought I would share this here. I know I am about 6 days behind, but no time like the present to start sharing…

Day 1

For my parents. Without them meeting, or getting married. I would have never been born. I am thankful for them giving me life.

Day 2

For my children. I never knew how empty my life was until I had each and every single one of you. I worried when having more than one, that I couldn’t love the next one as much as the first. And surprisgly enough, I loved you all the same. You have given my life meaning and a sense of purpose.

Day 3

For my husband. We have been together since we were teenagers. And while we will have moments were we don’t like each other very much at times, it’s how we come through that makes us stronger. 

Day 4

For my business. This gives me the freedom I never thought I would ever have. I love being my own boss and having only myself to answer to. And meeting some pretty interesting people along the way. 

Day 5

For my families health. We have had some pretty rough years where things weren’t always looking up, but we move on and push forward. But I am thankful that we have had a pretty calm year.

Day 6

For my daughter Emily. Today is the day you were born and while your labor wasn’t the easiest. I wouldn’t have it any other way. You are the sweetest, brightest and most inquisitive child we have. We have had some rough patches, but we have seemed to have come to a general understanding that you can appreciate that sometimes Mom is right, not always. 😉 I love you honey and I hope this is your best birthday yet! 


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