Happy To Report

Published November 5, 2011 by Sara

The pain in my rib cage is almost gone! I can still feel it, but at least I can breathe/cough without trying to smash a pillow into my rib cage. *whew*

Monday my tenant is moving out and I will be moving my work area upstairs. No more tenants, at least for now. I need the space. And this will allow me to run things so much smoother as well. Have all my supplies in the same area, have my photo box there as well and have everything that I want all in the same level. The upside to this is I will have my OWN bathroom that I can use when needed. 

My kids are excited being as they are fighting over who gets their own room, which no one is getting a room at the moment. When Gwen finishes high school, she will be the first one to have her own room, being as this will be her house as well. And depending on what job she gets and how much she makes, we will base her rent off that. I want her to learn responsibility, but I don’t want to take all her $$ either.

She will have some rules since techinically she will be living under our roof. Which makes me think of when I was her age and my Mom tried to sock me for half her mortgage and half the bills, which I thought was crap, being as that would take all the money I was earning. I told her I would NEVER do that to my own child and here we are and I still feel the same way I did when I was Gwen’s age. 

But I am just so excited, being as having more room to work in, will allow me to not have everything made to order, which I think may be another sales boost right there. I only plan to carry the stuff that sells the most or has the most watchers, being as there is interest in those items.

I’ll be able to manage my clearance items and get those listed.

I even started working on my Facebook Fan Page, which has already generated 3 orders. One of which that could be a HUGE order if I can fulfill it.

Etsy I get special orders for weddings mainly. Which I am really starting to see things take off. So the sooner I can get into a bigger area, the better.

We have had a few people that are relatives of our tenant looking for a place to rent and we have turned them down. Being as it’s high time for me to have my own area. And if it doesn’t work, we can always move the area back down to the main level and rent it out. Also, Juan will be coming back in March/April to rent again, which this gives me the time I need to see if this can be done.

But having the deduction is what we need. I honestly do not think we will rent it again……


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