Screeching Halt

Published November 3, 2011 by Sara

I pulled my rib cage muscle the yesterday. But it was so strange, it started in my back and it felt like maybe I had slept on it funny, but it felt oddly different. Then it moved to my rib cage and to take a deep breath, hurt. I went to see Dr. Thomas and at first he thought maybe I had pleurisy, which I was worried about pneumonia. But as it turns out, I pulled another muscle. I literally laughed when he told me that and aplogized for laughing so hard, he asked why did I find it funny. i explained to him, I had just seen him in Sept for a pulled rotator cuff and now this, I’m just a walking hazard.

He said this actually quite common and considering how much I have been coughing, that I just overworked the muscle. I explained to him that I truly have an exercise plan, but have held off due to this cough which has been killing my asthma as well. Which I also found out that I have been using my inhalers wrong. Advair I should only use twice a day and the Combivent is 4 times a day, which could have aggravated the cough from opening my airways too much. See, I don’t use my inhalers daily. I am suppose to use the Advair daily and the Combivent is my rescue. When I had seen the allergist, it was explained to use the Advair FIRST and if no relief go to the Combivent, which is why I had thought to use the Advair 4 times a day. So now that we have that all straightened out, it’s all good. BUT now I don’t need them…lol

And goodness, I think he gets personal enjoyment when he finds the pulled muscle, being as he just kept pushing on it and making me jump. I actually had to ask him to stop being as it was really hurting. I told him when I went to PT, when they would touch the sore spots, it didn’t hurt as much as when he does it. He asked me, “I’m not that bad am I?” I told him, “Let’s put it this way. I’m not the first patient to have complained about how you man handle us.” LOL He started laughing and said he just fascinated when he finds the spot and just feels like he should keep touching it. BUT I can understand that being as i told him Art complains that I have to touch everything, which is why I LOVE going to Best Buy, you can touch basically EVERYTHING. Dr. Thomas says he needs to keep that in mind. *grin*

He ordered an xray to rule out pneumonia, pleurisy and emphysema. Which the results came back today and I got the all clear. *whew* 

But the pain was significantly worse than yesterday. If I were to compare this to anything, this would over rule labor, hard labor.! A friend of mine had mentioned this and I was like WOW! But then my pain was still relatively mild. 

I had to call in and ask Dr. Thomas to call me in a pain script. He knows me, I don’t ask for this unless I am in a lot of pain. I consider myself to have a high tolerance for pain, but this, goodness! I have taken 2 Tylenol with Codeine and .5 mg Valium and I STILL have pain. Not as bad before I took it, but goodness. I can not take anything else being as my stomach is just queasy and I worry taking anything else may send me right to worship the porcelain god. 

So, taking down the pool has been put off till the weekend. I at least emptied it. So all that is left is scrubbing it down and taking it down. Which that is the easy part. But I want to give my muscle a chance to recover a bit before I overwork it. (Cross my fingers it doesn’t aggravate the pain…)

I will be leaving my stores on vacation a little longer. But since I will be holding them off a little longer, start working on special orders, tweak all my listings for when I do reopen and since Dr. T has prescribed me Predisone as part of my drug cocktails, I won’t be getting much sleep the next 6 days, but no worries, at least I can still do something even if it’s not the physical work.


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