Custom Light Switch Plates

Published November 2, 2011 by Sara

I know this post is lonnnnggg overdue. I still don’t have all the photos I’d like to have to follow this blog post, but I figure get up what I can now and get to the rest later.

Here is the plate I did for my 10 yr old who adores penguins. For some reason the polymer clay had started to crack over the plate, so I made snowballs to cover it up. But I have figured out how to avoid this in the future. 😉

But when making this in the future, I will be using acrylic paints, being as using gel pens with this was a big pain in the keister. 

Then I made one to match my dining room, since I was having so much fun with this. I really like how this one turned out. 😉 I dry brushed 3 different acrylic paint colors to give it more dimension.

I do have one I made for my youngest. This was the second one I made. The first one I made is not exactly my best work and it was before I had thought of making shapes/images in 3-D. My youngest used to be all about purple, but now pink is her fave color. 🙂  

I do need to redo this one, being as when the cracks appeared, I tried to fill it in with more polymer clay and when I baked it, they cracked even more. I thought at first it was the new polymer clay I had purchased, until I made the penguin version. But my daughter is happy with hers, so we’ll keep it up in the meantime.

I do need to make 2 for my cousin Kathy. She had asked me a few months back if I could. And while my stores are on vacation. I figured I’d give it a go. 🙂


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