Shipping Times USPS

Published November 1, 2011 by Sara

I am just hoping I can clear up this misconception until eBay gets their head out of their behinds. (sorry to be so vulgar, but you’ll see why)

When a buyer is browsing items. eBay will tell the buyer when to expect the item. Which they always make it appear that First Class shipments will arrive in the SAME exact time frame as Priority. When this is not entirely true. ANY postal worker will tell you First Class typically can be 3-5 business days and at absolute worse, can be 10 days. 

But which bring me to Priority Mail. It’s 2-3 days, but it’s NOT guaranteed. BUT with eBay putting these time frames out there, if a package I send to a buyer arrives outside of the time frames, they can rate me on the shipping time, which affecting my DSR rating, which in turn knocks you out of Top Rated Seller status, thus not receiving a discount. I did not raise the shipping rate when USPS did their increase, but now I have no choice too raise those rates once I reopen my stores. Who knows when I may see my DSR’s move back up. 

And it doesn’t help as well with International being able to rate on the shipping time and that counting towards the rating. I ALWAYS send my packages out when I say I am going to, so i am not sure what eBay’s criteria is for International to rate. (Meaning they have so much of a time allotment from eBay that disallows them from giving me a bad rating) But that one is hurting me the most. To which I may have to eliminate International shipments from my store. 

I really don’t understand eBay’s limitations and making it harder and harder for seller’s to sell while maintaining a good rating.


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