So tired….

Published October 31, 2011 by Sara

of having to explain to people just how busy I am. I know I work from home, which I think people instantly get the idea that my schedule can be open for anything. I wish, I really wish it did. But it’s more so for my kids and their field trips or any events with the school.

At times I wish I had a job outside the home, being as the minute I walk out the door, my work is done. and maybe by moving my work space, I may be able to accomplish just that. But I think people do not realize what all is involved with running your own business. I need to order my own supplies, if a supplier discontinues something I use be it labels, beads, jewelry boxes, etc then I need to find another supplier and that is no easy feat. 

But while my stores on are vacation. I need to get some much needed things done before my stores reopen. One of which is moving my office upstairs. Which this has been coming for a long time, me needing a space strictly for business. 

As much as I absolutely LOVE being around my kids and husband, it’s just when we get visitors and I am trying to work and they just want to hang around my table asking me 5 bazillion questions like a little kid or it unnerving to have someone touching things that are drying. Most people ask first, but then there have been some that just pick up without asking. 

Also, with moving my office/work table I can have A LOT more stuff that can be drying/curing without worry of my kids or someone else knocking it over. 

But while I am on vacation, which I wish it was that. I am planning to catch up all these loose ends. I have my sewing machine out and have curtains to make for Julia’s room, mend some clothes, fix my valances for the sun room, sleep pants for the kids, their slippers I didn’t get to finish last year and lastly, the newer items I picked up to make some presents for them for Christmas. 

I need to take the swimming pool down. Which that is not going to be fun. I should have never let Art get the steel frame pool. Being as it can not be up all year round. And even more so when they just predicted on the news for this to be a nasty winter. Oh joy!

But I need to get all of this done quickly, being as Black Friday is just around the corner and this is where I save up $$ to shop on that day. WHICH I am thinking I may just do online shopping this year. I am not to thrilled to hear Target is opening at midnight this year and these stores are driving me bonkers!


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