Published October 30, 2011 by Sara

Over one holiday and three more to go. But what a sense of relief to be almost done with Halloween. This year was by far the biggest feat in making costumes and to top it off to be sick as well. I am into week #3 of hacking my lungs out, BUT I am getting better, but in small steps.

But the making of the costumes. Yikes! For one I needed to put all my stores on vacation being as the orders were becoming too much. And with having so many different styles of Jem earrings, I screwed up some orders. SO, before my stores reopen, I plan to change the titles and also the custom selection to make this easier on me.

So my stores went on vacation, which was the easiest transition I have EVER had. But of course it didn’t stop from the last minute people emailing me. Two of which that irked me to no end. One she emailed me back in Sept about my items and that she was interested in ordering. I emailed her when my stores opened and that was the end of it. BUT now my store on Etsy is on vacation again, she’s asking about my items. She can wait. This is just ridiculous! But I still have some special orders floating out there, so I took my store off vacation and deactivated my listings, this way I can still fill special orders. And the other one, last week she emailed me about having problems with her credit card, told her it was fine, just as long as I knew what was going on, but didn’t realize she had not purchased anything. Well the store closed and now she’s upset she can’t buy them. *argh* 

BUT I have learned a HUGE lesson after my last vacation, I will NEVER take special orders. It just defeats the purpose. I plan on kicking ass this whole week and getting some things done. Being as when my stores reopen, I want to be smooth sailing. Doens’t help I still need to list my light switch plates, but when and if I do, if they do sell. I am going to have to eliminate some other made to order listings or really bulk up on some of those items.

To which Gwen is my newly hired employee. At first I was going to pay her based on piece work, but since she is learning and gaining speed, I plan to pay her a little more, otherwise, she won’t make so much by piece work. And I plan to have her open her very first checking account, which scares me….but she needs to start at some point.

Now onto the costumes. Talk about waiting till last minute. (BUT didn’t help I have been having days of just sheer sleepiness, which I contribute to being sick and working 20 hour days last week – I’m not kidding and here’s a pic to show I actually fell asleep at Culver’s…lmao. Right before I conked out I said to my kids, I wish I wasn’t so tired….and this is why you should NOT buy your kids cell phones that have the ability to take pictures.)

BUT I was thankful for those 5 minutes. It gave me enough energy to run for another 3 hours before calling it a night.

Ok, I sidetracked there for a moment, but I had to share this. It’s just too damn funny. Last year I would get so tired I would literally fall asleep at the computer desk. Either with my head on the desk or sitting straight up. My husband would wake me up and tell me to go to bed. Ok, back to the costumes….

Julia’s I didn’t get done till the night before the Halloween parade and my stupid ass didn’t thread the bobbin right, so all these issues I kept having with my sewing machine. I was thinking it might need to be serviced. Did not realize till I started working on Emily’s costume, which was last night. BUT overall, Julia’s costume was a hit.

I refused to let her take it to school, being as the head was so delicate, let alone the head piece is rather large. I was worried it would get crushed by another student and her costume would be ruined. Now if we already had trick or treat, I wouldn’t have thought twice about it.  

But the minute she put it on, all her friends surrounded her and was in awe that she was Sackboy from Little Big Planet.

I know, the head could be narrower at the top. And I was worrying about every detail, but when it comes down to it. My daughter is not looking for perfection and when she saw her costume for the first time, she loved it to no end. Plus considering the others I had seen online that others had made, just quite didn’t look right. I truly do think mine is the best I have seen yet, despite the imperfections. AND I normally don’t take that much pride in my work, honestly. 

Then Emily’s. She wanted to be Pikachu. I honestly worried how in the world would I pull this off. Originally I thought I was going to make her a face mask, but when we saw this one costume being sold online that had Pikachu’s face on a hat, Emily liked that idea. So I rolled with it. 

NOW I had thought Julia’s was going to be the hardest of the two, I was sooooo wrong. It actually ended up being Emily’s. I had started on it last night and once I figured out the bobbin. (which I do not know how in the world I had forgotten about lining the thread into the metal sleeve. I have been sewing things since I was 12 years old…..but I guess we all have those off moments that make us scratch our head later. LOL) I started about 8pm, finished up about 3-4am. Started again around 11am and I did not finish until 4pm. I forgot about the tail and the stupid ears when I was working the night before.

I still had to work on my costume. *argh* My apron didn’t come in the mail till yesterday, but I already had everything else. So once I was finally done with Emily’s. I made the template for my apron and my badges. I was planning on being Flo from the Progressive commercials, which I gotta admit, my costume was pulled off fabulously! 

Gwen couldn’t decide what she wanted to be until the DAY before, but she already had some costume props in her closet. So she just threw something together.

Here is a group photo :

And while this is all going on. I was watching my nephew Chance, since we had planned to take him trick or treating with us. He is an absolute riot to watch and I just can not believe how much his mannerisms are exactly like my nephew Branden when he was that age. I think Gwen and Emily get the biggest kick of having him around. But sadly, he did not get to go with us, since he crashed out a few minutes before we were set to leave. So I asked my husband if he would be ok watching him, being as I was worried with him sleeping, I didn’t want him to get cold while laying down. (I was looking forward to having a stroller too, which is so awesome to have while out there braving those cold temps. Which thank GOD for Cuddle Duds, those are by far the BEST invention for thermal underwear which doesn’t even look like it.)

I know tomorrow we have our neighborhood trick or treat. But I am just releived I get to stay home and not have to walk around. I forgot to do my inhalers before leaving, so anytime I came across someone having a fire pit going just sent me into coughing fits. I really thought I was going to die, goodness everyone in my group was worried if I was ok. I really hate this. I hate having allergies, I hate having asthma, which takes me 3 times longer to get over bronchitis of a normal person. 

But I am just so relaxed, I have been working on laundry, which needs to be caught up in a bad way. I need to pull out our winter clothes. To which I picked up new totes to have for summer clothes. This way I don’t have to wait for the winter clothes to be taken out before I start putting away summer. 

I am all about simplicity at the moment.

And my tenant is moving in a few days. To which we don’t plan to rent it out since Gwen will be 18 soon and she would love to move up there, but she doesn’t get to have it ALL by herself, being as I am moving my work table and such up there. I need a room dedicated to business and this way I can keep more inventory on hand and not always have to be made to order. Also, I will get to claim the deduction if I am using my rental space for business and deduct what I would collect in rent on my taxes. NOT too sure how that works, but I am all about deductions that is for sure! We won’t have the kids forever to claim on our taxes and need to find out now the deductions, being as our tax returns won’t be so nice when they are all grown. (Which I about cried when I realized this is the last year I shop for Gwen for school clothes and supplies. Well unless she goes to college, which right now, that is undecided)

Goodness, can you tell I needed to blog? It feels like it’s been ions and I have thought about this everyday, but had no clue as to what to say, being as my mind was too much into the mindset of orders and any time wasted on this when I could be working on orders, just is not in my work ethic. (I swear I am a slave driver to myself….)


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