Published October 7, 2011 by Sara

Today I finally made a trip out to Joann’s and without even thinking about it, being as I was there to collect items for a special order. I decided to take a peek at the fabrics they have for the costumes my kids would like me to make them for Trick or Treat.

Julia has opted to be Sackboy from Little Big Planet. After looking through several types of fabric. I found the absolute perfect fabric that was a remnant, to only find out it’s been red tagged and they will no longer carry it. *sigh* I nabbed it up anyway, being as I would hate to NOT buy it, go to the other Joann’s and find another remnant that would complete it. BUT they may even have a whole spool left!! Will be making a trip to Cudahy and Brookfield Square and pray that either one has this material I need.

Then Emily would like to be Pikachu. Well, after a little bit of thought. I decided we could make her pj’s, the long one piece kind. The ones they sell for toddlers, but make one her size. Which she is just tickled pink with, being as she wants to wear this as reg pj’s when it’s over. I have no problem with. She even mentioned something about a hoodie cover, which could be the face, but I am not too sure about that. But we’ll see.

I have already known for months who I want to be. Flo from Progressive. (Funny, that is our car insurance as well) My best bud Liz loves the idea. Plus, how many people are going to dress up as her?? Now watch, there will be others…..


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