Holiday Rush

Published October 6, 2011 by Sara

I can already feel the pinch of the orders that are coming in. To think, 3 years ago, I only sold on Ebay, to which I started selling on Etsy last year and now this year I have added Artfire and Bonanza to the mix. 

I am just getting over a cold and am starting to see some headway with my orders! Hooray! 

I also found out while getting shipping labels printed that eBay allows me to print and PAY for International labels, which this means I will be able to expedite my orders out MUCH faster! No more waiting in long lines at the post office, which won’t start till November, but that can be quite the pain in the tushy if you ask me. 

I always made a point to drop off my packages in the morning to beat the rush, but sometimes, that would not always be the case. 

Also, I won’t have to explain to postal workers the difference between the labels I use for International. Which just recently, I got some nazi woman who was telling me the form is wrong. ?? I explained to her that I have been doing this for 2 years and not once has anyone had a problem with it, but she tries to tell me, use the shipping label on one side and then print the addresses on the other side. ??? I honestly do not know what the accomplishes when someone else may not be able to decipher my handwriting.It just seems like in the end it’s making more work for me. 

Anyway, now I don’t even have to worry about that anymore, being as they all can be dropped off at the mailbox. 

I’ll miss the people I did make friends with on my stops there. 😦


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