Published October 3, 2011 by Sara

Ugh, it started yesterday with my asthma, which now a cold has developed. *sigh* Before it used to be cold, THEN asthma would kick in. Either way, I just hate it.

I think I may have found a way to use my inhaler that produces the best effect. Normally I take 2 puffs into my aero chamber and breath that in. WELL, last night I screwed up and did one puff. Then waited a few minutes, did 2 puffs. It was purely magical. 

This morning, I attempt my normal dosage 2 puffs, and I could not hold the medicine in my lungs. I have no idea what happens, but it hurts my chest beyond belief and try as I might to hold it in for 10 seconds just can’t happen. BUT always the second dose, I can hold it. 

Well, now I think I will start out with one puff, hold it, then time to do my second treatment, THEN that will be 2 puffs. I just hate the jittery feeling that comes with it. But I’m knocking this crap out fast, being as the longer the asthma sticks around, the worse the gunky crap sticks around afterwards.

I do have to say, when this happens. I am SO grateful I work from home. I plan to finish out the orders that need to go out today and then attempt a nap. If I end up being out of commission for the rest of the day, contact my buyers to explain. That’s the part I hate. It’s not like a job outside the home, one phone call and you’re done.

And for business talk, I was looking around at my sales for the week. Which normally, I never follow to well. But my jaw dropped when I calculated the total between the 4 stores. This is by far the highest paying job I have had to date. And I love the journey I have been on with this. To think this all started with just making Jem earrings and to see how far I have blossomed since then, is amazing in itself! And the best part of it all, is the jobs I get commissioned for. Right now, I am making cufflinks for a wedding. Another one is earrings from Sailor Moon, being as someone wants to dress up as the character, then another order is Max Headroom earrings and lastly Cheese Wedge earrings, she wants this to be rather large…. 

And I think this will be my last post on tumblr, being as as much as I like this format. It’s just seems like there are too many accounts out there that are not real accounts. My business one will stay, being as I do seem to reach a decent audience with that anyway. 🙂


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