Holy Savings!!

Published October 2, 2011 by Sara

Did some little shopping yesterday and got some KILLER deals! Three 45 oz. bottles of Arm & Hammer laundry soap and one 55 oz powder for $2, Free Travel Size Colgate Optic White, $2 Wall-E Vitamins, .50 cents Skintimates Shaving Cream, $1.99 Schick Quattro Razor with 4 refills, another one @ 3.99. Helll Yeahh!! (Adam Sandler in Chuck and Larry) LOL

But I know I was missing some coupons and I was frustrated trying to look through my binder, which is on it’s way to being organized. Well, when I finally got the family fed. I sat down and organized the last of my loose coupons, used tab markers to seperate the sections to make it easier to find. I even have sections for each store, being as I will get coupons for them and this way it makes it easier to see at a glance, versus thumbing through them. I was up till 7am finishing this.

I picked up the paper today and HOLY Grail of coupons! There were FIVE inserts and I nabbed up 4 papers. So I am taking a break from organizing for a bit. But wow, if I had not organized this earlier, I would have been overwhelmed today. 

I’m still only picking up the best deals or ones that have coupons that expire. I was fortunate for the kids vitamins. The coupon expired next week and I checked to see if they were on sale and they were!! How cool is that? BUT damn it! I went through the Red Plum that came in on Weds and there was another coupon, which I had a Target coupon that expires this week that I can stack with, but I would prefer to done this when it was on sale. (This is WHY as soon as I get any sort of coupons, they should be filed immediately! LOL)

But the upside is, it’s done. It’s just more or less putting the new coupons away in the category. 😉

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