Odds and Ends

Published September 28, 2011 by Sara

Wow, a lot has been happening on my end, so this post will be a smorgas board of sorts. 

Last week Friday my transmission went on my van. No warning, nothing. Just stopped moving. Thankfully I was only 2 blocks from home and Art’s brother Roy came to the rescue. 😉 It now sits at ETE getting a new one. I had “just” opened a few of my stores, but after this, I had no choice BUT to reopen eBay. I really wished I had opened this sooner, but oh well. Whatever we don’t have when the van is finished, we plan to finance the rest. Which we can apply for any amount we need and it will have 0% interest for 12 months. HELL YEAH! But we want to pay the bulk of it now and finance some of it. 

I did try for a home equity loan, one of the many perks to owning your own home. BUT since property values went down, we were only 4% away from qualifying. GRR! I could have an appraiser come out, being as I KNOW our house is worth more then the assessed value, but one we don’t have the money to have an appraiser come out, nor do we have the time to wait for one to come out and appraise the house. BUT at least we know next year this is something we will apply for again in hopes we met the criteria. Then we have that there for when we do have those little emergencies. 

I have money in savings, but was starting to dip into that and this is why I started to open my stores, being as I don’t like tapping into those funds. 

We do have Art’s car running and I have been using that. Nice to know i have a car I can just leave when I need to, but now it sucks, because our money is rather tight at the moment.

So my couponing is squelched at the moment, unless it’s the ABSOLUTE necessities or a really good deal or completely free bonus if it’s a money maker! Being as I can buy other items to float into the the amount that would be given as cash. 

So, right now. 24 packs of Sprite are on sale for $6.49. I nabbed a bunch of coupons off the cases a week or so ago for $1 off 2. Well tomorrow, Art and I are going to hit up PNS and use the coupons being as it will make the case $5.49. Which will make this the best deal EVER for soda. I hope to maybe find some more peely stickers to stock up some more. (This Weds we have 5 double coupons and they will have it again this Sat.)

Then, I have injured my shoulder. It has been sore and painful on and off since before Labor Day weekend. But from what I have read, it sounds like this could have been from repetitive movements. Which the day or so before injury, I steam cleaned my mini van. 

Well, I finally saw PT today and we did a cortisone patch, which really didn’t seem to make a difference. But now that i have taken my muscle relaxer, I feel wonderful. 😉 Not feeling like I want to lift everything, but am feeling better. But now we know I injured my rotater cuff. The tendons are so swollen, they are pushing into the joint, which was causing the discomfort with sleeping. I was averaging about 2-3 hours of sleep after the 2nd day I went to see Dr. Thomas. I could not stand not sleeping another night. Goodness, after taking my muscle relaxers, I was so tired the next day. I overslept twice getting the kids to school and STILL slept when i got home! I have finally chopped the pill into 1/4 and it’s perfect. No pain, but I am not dragging my ass in the morning. Thank GOD! 

I also have been sent home with strengthening exercises and will be seeing Chris 2 times a week for 3 weeks. 

Which reading more into this, diet could play a roll in this and I plan to bring this up to her. And see if I should add some supplements to my existing regimen anyway. I really want to nip this in the bud now, being as this just can not happen to me. I explained to her about sometimes needing to carry my husbands wheelchair, which feels like it weighs 500 lbs. LOL And heck, even Art’s sister’s fiance went to carry it and he was shocked at how heavy it was and couldn’t believe my tiny ass was carrying that around. I may be short, but I’m strong too. LOL

BUT I am relieved to know that I don’t have to stop work. Just to take breaks every so often, which I told her I had full intentions on doing, but Art’s brother has been staying with us in the meantime. So it has put a damper on what I can do.

I also have been given clearance to do Dance Central on the Xbox and the eliptical as well. Just use the stationery handles. And see I figured for every 2 ours of work, step away from my desk and play Dance Central or do the elliptical. 

And now Roy has overextended his stay already, but tomorrow when he stops by, if he stops by. I am letting him know he needs to find another place to stay. I asked for him to not store crap in our garage, which I see things have been there for more then a week. I told Julie I have no tolerance for this bullshit and if he doesn’t take it, I will set it out at the curb. My house will NOT be a dumping ground.

I’ve been nice and tolerant of him, because after all, this is Art’s brother. And for some uncanny reason. Roy and I have been getting along extremely well. I think he is just walking on eggshells, being as I am not happy with the situation and felt he should have been sleeping on the streets. I really do not feel like i should provide shelter for him for what he has done to his kids. I don’t care about Julie, the kids is what matters to me and always will. I love all my nieces and nephews like they were my own. And I know they all know this through discussions we have had through the years. The kids, I could NEVER turn my back on. 

I don’t mind helping out Art’s family, but it seems like each and every time they find some way to take advantage of the situation. It’s my motto and I have always said it. Once I know someone has been taking advantage of me or my husband (it angers me even more when it comes to my husband), I will never help them again. I won’t bat an eye when they are in need. I don’t care. I’ve been burned WAY too many times growing up to come to the realization that people will NEVER change. 

Sometimes I wish Art could have someone in the family that he could count on, but they ALL have let him down. Each and every single one of them. 

It’s our friends that are our “chosen” family. I have been friends with Kevin since I was 12-14 years old and when I met his wife, I instantly fell in love with her. She is such an amazing person. And the two of them, I know will go to the ends of the earth for me. As I for them. As I said on Facebook, my life would suck if I didn’t have them in my life. 


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