Coupons, coupons, coupons!

Published September 21, 2011 by Sara

Well, I may take a break from this couponing for a bit, being as this is becoming way to exhausting to keep up with. But the deals I have been finding are awesome! 

I also have been trying to remind myself, just because I have a coupon, doesn’t ALWAYS mean I need to buy it. Wait, if I have time, to get it on sale WITH the coupon. 

I have purchased a binder, that has a shoulder strap, which is AWESOME for carrying my coupons. Which I plan to have with me at ALL times. I have been working on the binder for 2 days straight now, but at least I am getting it organized with my coupons and will make this so much easier down the line. 

While out shopping, I ran into other women who extreme coupon as well. One whose binder was so organized and neat, made me wish mine was like that already! LOL But I did order the currency holders to hold my larger coupons, which should be here in a few days. I also purchased more baseball card holders and that helped immensely!

I also need to realize, I do not NEED to stock up on items like they do on Extreme Couponing. Being as that is just insane. 

But some of the deals I got :

FREE Aquafresh Extreme Clean Toothpaste

$1.00 2 Optic White Colgate Toothpaste

$1.00 Operation Toy Story 3 (I price matched a Big Lots ad @ Target for $5. and had coupons for $4 off. I purchased 3, and hope to buy more to donate to Toys For Tots.)

FREE Blistex Cold and Allergy Chapstick

$1.00 laydown bag of Skittles (purchased 6 bags)

$1.06 Fruitables (used $1.00 off, which double @ Pick N Save and it was on sale) purchased 3

I know there are other deals I got, which I may list later, but I am so exhausted being as I ran all over the countryside. Which was more for the stupid Operation Game. I knew which Target had it in stock, but had checked other stores while I was out running errands and I should have not even bothered. 

Time for me to put my groceries away……


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