Lake Winnebago

Published August 24, 2011 by Sara

We left on Friday. Which was no easy feat at that. We kinda pulled together that we were going early Friday morning and finally left about 7pm. *sigh* 

But after being there,! We have planned for Labor Day Weekend, which I will have EVERYTHING packed by Weds so as soon as the kids get home from school on Friday, we are out the door.

It was so peaceful, even more so with nothing but lake in front of us. The house is HUGE and open. With nothing but windows facing the lake. I am so jealous that this is what Al gets to come home to every day. Lucky bastard! LOL

I really wished we had planned to go there sooner before Gwen started school and we could have been there for a week and at the least 4 days. 

Al and I have already voted doing this over camping. I love camping, but this is so much more relaxing! And a lot less work at that. 

To sit out on the deck and watch the moon rise, absolutely friggin’ beautiful! I am hoping while we are there over Labor Day, that one storm blows in. Al was saying how wicked it is to watch it blow over the lake….I can only imagine!

Kinda sad to know Al won’t be renewing his lease when it comes due in October, but next summer, I am totally looking for something like this for all of us to rent for vacation next summer. 😉

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