Let The Savings Begin!!

Published August 17, 2011 by Sara

Well, we went out today with TONS of stacker coupons. (Meaning you can use a store’s along with a manufacturer’s coupon) And also hit the sales too.

First we went to Target, since the girls still needed underclothing and believe it or not. I had saved my coupons from Target for apparel. One was for $5 off a $30 purchase. Another was .75 cents off something…god, I love how I can remember the amount and not what it was for. THEN the socks were on sale $4.49 and then there was a .55 cent coupon on the socks too. 

Then I had a $1.00 off Danimals for Target, then a .75 cent coupon MC (manufacturer’s coupon). Knocked it down to .94 cents *sweet* Then Gogurt is on sale for 2 for $4 and a .75 cent coupon off. I know, not HUGE savings there. But something is better than nothing right?

Market Place Apple Juice, I had a $1.00 coupon and it’s on sale, which knocked it to $1.25 a bottle.

Overall, in what I had coupons that i purchased. I spent $50.71 and my savings total was $32.47. *sweet*

I did buy my oldest some underclothing as well, but what I spent on her, I did not add into it, being as I did not have coupons. But her bras were on sale and the underwear was buy 5 for $20.

Then my first Walgreens stop. I spent $76.54 and saved $72.34. BUT I learned something. I had a coupon for the Playtex Tampons and I purchased two boxes, BUT didn’t know the rewards would only print for the first purchase. *doh* I originally had that coupon stashed in the second trip envelope, but oh well. I’m learning right? But also got $5 in Register Rewards and since they didn’t have the Pert Plus shampoo. I headed over to the Walgreens not too far from my house. Spent $10 and saved $40. I even nabbed 2 free items at that. There was a Walgreens coupon of 1 pk of Expo Markers for $1.00 off and it was on sale, so before MC was applied, it was only .99 cents. After MC, which was $2.00 of 2. It made it a free item! So I gave  a pack each to my two younger children, since they have dry erase boards. They most certainly would have fun with these and heck for FREE? You cartainly can’t beat that.

The first Walgreens, people were huffing and puffing, but I could care less. I’M saving money here and damn straight I am going to get the biggest bang for my buck.

Second Walgreens the cashier was amazed. She wanted to know how in the world i did this and explained to her you need to buy the sunday paper. But the Campbell’s coupon I had, I got from Campbell’s. So I am sitting here again, planning tomorrow’s shopping trip. Which is not going to be anything like it was today. But just to catch up the last of the coupons and use my Register Rewards at Walgreens and earn some more Rewards at that too! But I need to plan this next Walgreens trip out, so I earn some register rewards and do the boomerang. Make my purchase, collect the RR, do the next purchase, do my RR and complete the next purchase……this is becoming somewhat fun.

Overall Spent : $137.18

Overall Savings : $146.00


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