No, not again!

Published August 15, 2011 by Sara

My Uncle just called me to tell me he has cancer. I sit here dreading calling him back. We have been thinking about him lately and was hoping to make another trip out to Minnesota, but we put the kabosh on that with everything else that has been going on. 

So, now we are trying to plan everything out again. We are planning to go over Labor Day weekend.

And right now I have been cleaning, but I know at some point. I am going to have to call him.

This hasn’t hit me yet, which I worry after talking to him will send me into depression and sadly, this type of depression, my doc won’t treat me for. And honestly, I wouldn’t want to either. This is a life experience that sadly, we all must go through. I just hate that this awful disease is touching our lives once again and it certainly won’t be the last. 

I’m hoping when I call, it will be a treatable cancer. He’s beat cancer once before 30 years ago. But he’s really up there in age, so he may not have the health in which to battle this.

So right now, I am planning to get my to-do list done by this Friday, the sooner the better and then reopen my stores. We really need to float some money in before leaving for Minnesota….


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