Mrs. Fix It Pt 2

Published August 15, 2011 by Sara

Well the faucet started leaking again tonight. *lovely* To which I learned so much more!

I think the seat washer wasn’t greased properly, hence why it tore up. Being as when I went out to Home Depot to purchase a new stem. The gentleman explained that the half moon metal part on the stem needs to be over the washer when you install it. Well, now after being home and looking at everything, I did have it on there properly. But when I had greased it, I used Vaseline, which they say you can use, but I could tell the washer was bone dry, not one speck of grease on it. SO I picked up Plumber’s Grease that is Waterproof and meant for hot water, so it won’t dissolve away. 

And also paying more attention to how the stem should be placed, showed that before we repaired this. The stem had been installed wrong, hence why we had all this leaking over time. It was a slow leak, but annoying as all get out. But then the faucet to turn it on, would turn towards the wall (clockwise) and now it turns counter clockwise. AND with greasing it, the stem popped right in place and this was the fastest I have ever replaced the seat and spring. Done in less than 5 minutes. 

I love learning new things. 🙂


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