School Shopping

Published August 12, 2011 by Sara

Well, we had full intentions of leaving at noon and ended up leaving about 2pm. I honestly thought we would only be there maybe 2 hours, 3 at the max. We JUST got home about 10pm. *yikes!*

But now my kids are set for school. Julia and Gwen still need a few more outfits, which those will come from the second hand store. Emily will only be picking out some shirts, since she found about 4 pairs of jeans that fit her. 2 of which came from the redlines and was 80% off. (Can’t get better than that right?) But everything in the store was 40% and I saved over $300. Which can’t get sweeter than that right? Especially for brand new clothes. 

I always feel like emily somehow gets shortchanged, so I let her have a little fun letting her have a few more outfits. It’s sucks she’s the middle child and it seems sometimes she gets forgotten about or sometimes overlooked being as one sister has some issues going on while the other has hers and here’s Emily, the kid who sits on the sidelines not making a peep. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying she has it that rough, it just sometimes she does get overlooked and this little shopping excursion gives her her shining light. So besides her 4 pairs of jeans, she got 3 outfits as well. (BUT she accessorized) Julia got 2 dresses, 4 shirts, a skirt and 2 pairs of pants. (Most of which, hers came from the redline section. Emily’s was all 40% off.)

Honestly, I thought shopping at an Outlet Mall meant all the stores have good deals. Not necessarily.

We stopped at Rue 21 and their prices were about the same, but oh my goodness. Gwen and I are in love with this Rue 21. I am rather bummed though. They had this one awesome top that looked AWESOME on me, but sadly it was a large and ran rather small. I am totally hoping later tomorrow we can make a run to the mall to see if they have the top I wanted.

Then Sketchers. It was buy one get one 1/2 off. Julia got herself a pair of Twinkle Toe light up shoes and they are they cutest shoes ever! And then I finally got myself a pair of Shape Ups. Woot Woot! I have my generic pair I bought @ Target on clearance in Minnesota. They’re nice, but time to kick these up a notch or two. So i got the XST? Something like that.

Then Bath and Bodyworks, now that store had some AWESOME deals! I purchases some body wash, the girls got some body sprays. They were all 75% off. (1.25 – 3.00 each) BUT the hand soaps, were 5 for $15 and we so needed some more. I love that soap! So awesome at removing my polymer clay from my hands and if it cleans it that much when ordinary soap doesn’t do the trick, that is some kick ass soap!

Journey’s was the same price as the mall. *BOOO!*

But overall, the girls and I LOVE it there and will be back! I had only been to Johnson Creek Outlet and not this one. Bummer too, AFTER i left Sketchers, I could have received $5 off my purchase. And Ghiradelli, even though their items were severely discounted. I could have received an extra 20% off, but we didn’t make it back in time. I was worried buying the chocolate would melt in the car.  

Next time we go out there. 😉 but now I have 14 J-bucks from Justice that I know we won’t use but am thinking of selling them on Ebay. At least get some money back and then it will be even less I spent at the store. (I figure about $35 is what the going rate could be, we shall see.) I need to check Ebay and see when they are going to run their penny auction listing fee again. 😉

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