Light Switches

Published August 12, 2011 by Sara

I know, anyone who is a fan on my Facebook is going to be reading this twice, but for the ones who aren’t…..

I have only made two light switch plates so far and my friends are going bonkers over them. Some are telling me to sell them, others want me to make some for them or for their friends. 

I got a little worried tonight being as I only had checked Ebay and not Etsy. Well checking out Etsy and thankfully, no one has something like mine. *whew* BUT then it spawned new ideas which I have been jotting down as I go along.

My stores, “I hope” will be opening next week Weds/Thurs. But I have A LOT to do from now till then. I need to finish all these projects around the house and give my house a good cleaning and van for that matter, before I hop back into business. 

My kids for the most part are ready for school. But now the bags are all over the house and we need to get these organized. Hung up, folded and put away, So they are all ready for them for their fist day. 🙂

I also need to increase my shipping rates. USPS snuck up on me and raised their rates. While I didn’t flost the increase to my buyer base. I will have to once the stores reopen. And also add some additional verbage to my special order section. One that is needed. is that any materials I purchase to make their item, I will charge a percentage of the price of said item. BUT if it is a finding, I will only add the cost of the actual item, being as those end up running under a dollar a piece. But say there is a certain design of stamps they would like me to use, then I will charge 20% of the cost with shipping included. 

Also, I plan on clearancing a lot of items, since I want to mostly be made to order. With the exception of some items. My Jem earrings for one and my grape related items as well. 

I may very well keep some other items made ahead of time, but I am seriously running out of space. And I need to downsize in a BIG way! 

I had planned on moving my work area to the basement, but again, I just can’t do it. I prefer to be up here with my family. As much as I would love to have the peace and quite. It’s the chaos of being around them I really enjoy, even though at times it may drive me crazy. 

So bear with me. Hopefully next week, I shall unveil my newest creations. 🙂


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