Coupons & Savings

Published August 11, 2011 by Sara

Well lately I have been taking an interest in couponing. You would think I would have been on this bandwagon YEARS ago, but sometimes, you just don’t know what you’re missing if you’re not aware.

Well, I have been savings my receipts, being as I plan to do a final tally at the end of the year. Maybe I may just keep a record in a binder so I am not hanging onto all these receipts.

The first time we went grocery shopping, we spent $250, but saved $80. Then today I took the kids school supply shopping and spent $61.00, but with coupons, knocked it down to $54. And some of those items I used double coupons on and some I even got for FREE! 3 packs of pens to be exact. One pack of PaperMate and 2 packs of Bic, the nice ones with the rubber grip. I had a Target Coupon and used a Manufacturer’s coupon. But when it comes to school supplies, we’re not going to have a lot of coupons for, even more so for the no name supplies. But this is the exact reason why I LOVE Target, I can double up on their coupons. 

Then later on we stopped at Walmart, being as Target didn’t have the dry erase markers. And while looking at what the cost is for their supplies, I saved more at Target. Loose leaf paper was the same price. But colored pencils ad markers were .74 cents, whereas Target was .50 cents. I know there were other things we looked at and it just was surprising to find out the better deal was Target. I started doing this 2 years ago when I noticed Target is MUCH cheaper, just didn’t think it would have been the same way again. 

And then made a trip to Pick N save since today is double coupon day and bought $50 worth of items and saved $22. Five of which were double coupons (which were $1.00 each for a total of $10.00). I forgot I even had a coupon for $1.50 of hamburger and since it was on sale. I got a little over 3 lbs for $9.40 before coupon. (Normally $14.50)

So while I am not really pulling in the savings quite yet. We are on our way. I just need to get a little more organized with my coupons or maybe get a bigger bill fold to store them in. My cousin uses a Trapper Keeper, but I want to carry them with me all the time and that would be a pita! IMO.

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